#100Anywhere Goes Global – Our Message to Sponsors

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Together we’re going to make soccer the sport that gives back.

Soccer wrapped in social responsibility – defined by a CHALLENGE: 

JUGGLE to 100, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE and Raise $100 to Build Soccer Fields Worldwide



It is a challenge set to go global.  A challenge with social media and it’s potential to scale built in.

Something like this has never been done before in soccer.  This is a huge win for a sponsor!

How does it work?

September 20 is the kick-off.  A group of 25 soccer enthusiasts will be hiking to the peak of Redcloud Mountain and at an elevation of over 14,000 feet I’ll juggle the ball 100 times and then kick it off the mountain. The ball is equipped with a tracking device and will be recovered by a search and rescue team. 

Everyone who completes the challenge will have their name added to the ball and it becomes the ball for the first game played on the field in West Africa.

What do we need?

We’re looking for a corporate sponsor with the vision and the means to reward everyone who completes the challenge with a $100 donation to be used to build youth soccer fields around the world.








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Subways, backyards, London Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, Machu Picchu, the Great Wall of China.

They are all waiting for the Challenge.


Viral Videos

There are videos of juggling that have already gained a lot of attention.  This video of a 10 year-old boy has gone viral, and there are videos of Neymar and other professional athletes juggling with tens of millions of views.  What would they all do for #100Anywhere?  It is a fun and easy ask to contact the youtube juggling personalities to juggle 100 for the cause.


Why is this BIG?

  • Soccer has never had a viral concept like this. 
  • It is HARD to juggle to 100, but we all know people who can do it and in cool places.  This can be very entertaining.  Anyone that completes the challenge tags three soccer players to go for it.  If they can’t do it then they must pass it along and tag three more soccer players.
  • The 100 Year Centennial for the Copa America is in the US next summer.  The 100 Juggle fits right in!
  • Soccer organizations and coaches will love to reach out to their players to take the challenge. 

The Trophy Ball

Keep your eye on the ball.  THEY will.

Let this commemorative ball have your LOGO, or be YOUR ball. 

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