The Entrepreneur’s Covenant

I will find my Balance.

I will find my Passion.

I will have Positive Relationships.

I will be Healthy.

I will serve a Greater Purpose.

I will act like a Soldier, but think like a General.

And I will NOT burn out.

This is my Covenant to myself.

This is my Entrepreneur’s Covenant.

I will Succeed.


My Action Plan

  * Easy exercise at home
  * Get my weekend aerobics

* Morning Juice
* Sugar Sucks
* No-Carb Lunch
* Turmeric is the Ticket

* Sacred Time
* Story Time
* Exercise with Kids – Literally

* Mission, Vision and Values
* Focus on the Big Things
* Be Proactive not Reactive

* Time is Golden
* Surprises Count
* Initiate




I’m committed. Are you?

Let’s do it. Sign up for the newsletter. Get on board.

Pick 3 specific items to commit to this week. Tell me how they go for you. I want to know.


Read the Welcome Message to see what’s behind the Entrepreneur’s Covenant.